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Rai Insight 3.3 released

Rai Insight support for Thomson Reuters Host Status Messages (HSM)

Exegy To RMDS Adapter

Rai Insight support for RRCP

Rai Concept's Guide now available

Rai API 2.0 documentation now available  



Exegy to RMDS Gateway
press release.

Exegy to RMDS Gateway at Inside Market Data.





Rai Technology builds products for managing, distributing, integrating and monitoring real-time financial market data.

Rai's distribution platform provides a high performance market data platform with support for a variety of industry standard transports including TIBCO Rendezous, Informatica Ultra Messaging, PGM, TCP, and RDMA.

The Rai platform also offers protocol and transport bridging across architectures allowing for integration with both internal and external market data sources including out-of-the-box support for integration with and between Reuters, Bloomberg, Exegy and NYSE. In many cases Rai products can extend or replace legacy infrastructure with no more effort required than configuration.

The Rai difference: high performance integration

The Rai platform's' modular integration architecture is what sets us apart. New data sources can be dynamically added and reconfigured to rapidly meet new requirements.

Our rich integration capability enables you to source your data the way you want while protecting your investment in your existing infrastructure


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