Rai Insight

A complete understanding of data flows and network events is critical to ensuring that a market data network continuously meets quality of service requirements. And when something does goes wrong, understanding the cause of the event is the first step in recovery and prevention of a re-occurrence.

Rai Insight is the only application that addresses the unique monitoring requirements of TIBCO Rendezvous and Reuters RRCP based market data networks. Rai Insight combines traffic monitoring with TIBCO Rendezvous, Reuters RRCP, Informatica Ultra Messaging, and PGM protocol awareness to provide complete monitoring and analysis of market data networks.

Rai Insight is the only product that provides information about retransmissions and broadcast storms in real time. While other applications rely on TIBCO Rendezvous HOST.STATUS messages to capture events every ninety 90 seconds, Rai Insight monitors traffic directly to detect problems as they’re occurring. With Rai Insight you're aware of what's happening on the network as it's happening.

Through its complete view of network activity, Rai Insight provides detailed and timely information on network subscriptions, traffic rates, and retransmissions on TIBCO Rendezvous and Reuters RRCP based networks. As a part of the Rai market data platform, Insight also provides additional information such as latency monitoring and market data platform statistics.

Rai Insight’s comprehensive traffic and network monitoring capabilities include:

  • Automatic discovery and monitoring of all TIBCO Rendezvous and Reuters RRCP traffic.
  • Extremely low footprint network monitoring
  • Rich alerting capability
  • Full multicast support
  • Complete details on all publishers and subscribers by subject and by daemon
  • Immediate notification of retransmission and packet missed events
  • Latency monitoring though both the Rai Cache, Reuters TIC and RTIC.
  • 24/7 monitoring and logging including replay capability
  • Unix Remote monitoring agent supporting both local and remote monitoring
  • Subject traffic statistics
  • Daemon traffic statistics
  • Subscription activity reporting
  • Rai Cache statistics monitoring
  • Subscription Start/Stop monitoring
  • Interactive Graphs
  • Incident analysis support
  • MTU packing analysis
  • pcap file replay